RedeeMedia’s main focus is not about sharing our story, but is about sharing Christ’s story of love and redemption.  Our entire story continues to be the story of His unfailing love and mercy that works through generations. So we would have never come together if not for the overwhelming love of God.
So here is a brief of how God brought us together for this very purpose.

Genaye, director of RedeeMedia, has always been interested in creative evangelism and wondered how the various communication means she employs at her work place as communication Specialist could be effective if used for evangelism. So she has been engaged in writing a blog post that explores different forms of evangelism communication, which you can find under the blog section of this website.

Then in 2012 she joined medialightasia, a short term program in Northern Thailand that focused on equipping the young generation to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through the language of media. In medialightasia, all her pieces of puzzles about how to go about communication evangelism came together for her and she learned how to use the media for evangelism. After medialightasia, she came back to Addis Ababa and God helped her to connect and work with other young people who are interested in media mission. The team includes;

Yodahe Abebe, a director & editor of RedeeMedia is a student at Media & Film School in Addis Ababa. Yodahe joined the team to use his talent in film production for the great commission. 
Dawit Zewdu,production manager of RedeeMedia is a film and documentary producer. Dawit has only been passionate about film making in the first phase of his career. However, being involved in local & international documentary production opened his eyes to various social issues. Dawit aims to raise social issues and make a difference through documentary production. Dawit and Yodahe manage the short film production section of RedeeMedia.

Kibrom Tadesse later joined the team through a social network. Unlike the other team members, Kibrom often engages in face to face street evangelism instead of using the media. However by reading about the gospel multimedia exhibition on a blog post, he was impressed with the potential that media has in playing a role for spreading the good news. He realized the impact of visual media as the generations’ point of contact. He now plays a role in the RedeeMedia in strategizing and organizing events and media work.

Originally this team was only aiming to organize a gospel multimedia exhibition, which with God’s help will take place in Addis Ababa on September 2014. After a short while, the team met Fitsum Admassu, who envisions further than the multimedia gospel exhibition, he urged the team to start a web page where ideas, short films, photographs, and other gospel outputs can be shared and also offered to design the website.

All in all, by taking one step at a time, God teamed up this group for the work of His kingdom and now here we are with RedeeMedia!